Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Word

Ok. Here's my first non-card post.

God put in my lap an opportunity to take a "One Little Word" workshop through Ali Edwards ( ). I was looking for a way to focus on what God wants to teach me this year. I've always been kind of all over the place & lacking in focus. This may be just the thing to help me Hear God's word clearly & to actually make the changes in my life as He prompts me to do.

I thought about what word I should focus on. Organization came into my mind, but that word is so stark & barren (at least in my mind it is. lol). Granted, I feel the need to become more organized, but I thought God wants more than just an organized mind, He wants something that touches my heart.

So CREATE popped into my head. This word will allow me to focus on how God created me in His image. It will also allow me to create healthy patterns in my life. AND it will give me the opportunity to get messy & make things. (Much more exciting than organize. lol)

So I'm off to create.....or to be created. We'll see what happens!

Blessings to all & may you have a creative new year!

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